My New Beard

I grew a beard.

OK, I admit this is not exactly an accomplishment that's likely to earn me a Nobel prize. Growing a beard is something pretty much any man can do - kind of like making those peculiar early morning sounds in the bathroom that have been emotionally scarring our wives and children for generations.

Still, it means that I did accomplish something over the summer besides killing the grass.

All I Want For Christmas Is My Wisdom Teeth

I discovered a new way to observe the Holidays this year; I had a couple of wisdom teeth merrily yanked out of my head. This decision admittedly had less to do with celebrating the end of another year and honoring cultural traditions than it did with using up the last of my dental insurance, but there it is.

Who wants to be around a smartie-phone?

I just upgraded my mobile phone.

First off, I'd like to say that I didn't really want to. I was really happy with my old phone; his name was "Phone." I could use Phone to make calls. I could use him to receive calls. He even had a cool digital clock.


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